Quick Reference Guide

Have you ever wished that was a simple Optician resource that didn’t require you to read an entire convoluted chapter of a huge text book to grasp or review a single concept? Cheat Sheets for Dispensing Opticians is the answer to your prayers! This resource was created in order to provide quick and easy to access to reminders of common ophthalmic principals that Opticians may encounter on their daily work in the dispensary. Common concepts, theories, calculations and more are conveniently grouped in chapters covering: Ophthalmic, Optics Ocular, Anatomy Ophthalmic, Products Ophthalmic, Dispensing Professional Guidelines. Whether you are an apprentice of a veteran Optician, there a often times when you may require a quick reminder of clinical or mathematical concepts in order to complete a particular task. With this tool at your disposal, you can easy find the information you need and conveniently move on with your day.
cheat sheets for Dispensing Opticians


A beginners guide to Vision Care

Getting started in a dynamic field like vision care can be intimidating and daunting for someone just getting started with little to no experience. Though it isn’t difficult to find dozens of resources dedicated to training vision care staff, most fail to deliver adequate results due to being too complicated, too lengthy or quick simply too boring. The Vision Care Primer is aimed at providing accurate, up to date information while limiting the overwhelming medical jargon and lengthy chapters.The main goal of this resource is to rapidly train new staff members to be effective in Optometric practices or Optical stores in as little as a few days. Students will be guided through important concepts such as: Recognizing the roles and responsibilities of different Eye Care Professionals,Understanding the basics behind ocular anatomy, Guiding patients through the multiple steps of the comprehensive exam, Understanding and interpreting the vision prescription, Techniques required to help patients make informed eyewear choices, Whether you are an employer looking for an effective no hassle training manual for new hires, or a new employee who wants to impress your colleagues with your rapid progress, The Vision Care Primer is the resource you need to succeed!


The whole collection available paperback!

Workbooks for Apprentice Opticians brings the fun back into learning the way it used to be done in grade school. The student is given the opportunity to fulfill their self-guided learning by filling in the blanks, labelling diagrams and other exciting activities. These workbooks are aligned to the ABO and NACOR national Opticianry testing standards of America and Canada. They serve as a phenomenal study aid for those preparing themselves for a career in Opticianry.
workbooks for apprentice opticians