Preparing for your Optician Exam doesn't have to be complicated!

It can be difficult and overwhelming to prepare for exams when you're not sure where to start! Cheat Sheets for Dispensing Optcians was designed to be the most streamlined study resource aimed at preparing students for the core competencies of the ABO National Opticianry Competency Exam! Topics include:

  • Ocular Anatomy and Physiology

  • Ophthalmic Optics

  • Ophthalmic Products

  • Instrumentation

  • Dispensing Techniques

  • Laws & Regulations

Key Benefits

  • Point-Form Formatting

    Searching through hundreds of Text book pages for "key points" on dozens of different topics is not a productive use of your time. Our "point-form" layout takes all the guess work out of your studying efforts and provides you with only the important points of every topic you need to know as an Optician!

  • Visual Learning

    We know that some of us require images, diagrams and tables to us fully grasp some more intricate concepts. That's why our resources are always packed full of richly colored, Hi-resolution images and diagrams that help the visual learner review and master each key concept!

  • Digital Delivery

    Our digital devices have quickly become ubiquitous in our lives. It only makes sense to have your study materials on the devices that you already will be carrying with you everywhere you go. This resource is formatted to work on any device that can open a PDF file; making it the most convenient study resource possible!

Bring your study materials everywhere you go!

With our fully digital experience

Having to carry heavy text books and notes around with you is no fun! That's why we've adapted this resource to work on any digital device from your PC, to your tablet and even your smart phone. No need to worry about remembering your books, or even losing them in your travels. The cheat sheets for dispensing opticians will always be in your pocket and at your fingertips!

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