Everything You need to rock your The ABO NOCE and NACOR Eyeglass Dispensing Exams!

Make sure you are ready by covering concepts such as:

  • Ocular anatomy and physiology

  • ocular pathology and dysfunction

  • Recognizing and correcting refractive error

  • Working with Prism

  • Fitting, measuring and dispensing single vision and multifocal lenses

  • Lensometry and other ophthalmic instrumentation

  • Eyeglass adjustment and repair

  • And much more!

What's Included in the Bundle:

  • Digtial Question Bank

    Full, unlimited access to more than 1000 practice questions covering all core competencies. Choose from a quick 10 question quiz, a more challenging 25 question test, or really test your abilities with 50 question exams from each of the subject matter categories.

  • Digial Flash Card Deck

    Hundreds of terms, definitions and concepts at your fingertips on any of your mobile devices! Flash cards are a great way to quickly test your memory and comprehension. Now you can carry hundreds of these little miracle makers in the palm of your hand!

Digital Question bank

1000+ Randomized questions

Testing your acquired knowledge is a key step to making sure you are ready to rock your Opticianry Exams; and we've got the largest question bank out there! Choose from 10, 25 or 50 question quizzes covering Ocular Anatomy, Ophthalmic Optics, Products, Instrumentation and dispensing. All questions are always randomized so that you'll never see the same quiz twice!

Mobile Formatting

Specifically designed to work on all digital devices

We live in an age of mobile devices; so much so that some of us don't even own conventional computers anymore. Many study guides are specifically formatted to work on Desktop PC's, making them very limiting to modern students. All of our products are specifically formatted and designed to work on mobile first! This includes smartphones, tablets and other common devices.

Digital Flash Cards

More than 300+ Randomized Deck

Recognizing the definitions of Optical terms is a great way to study and test your knowledge. Flash cards are an effective study tool that have been used for hundreds of years in every subject matter imaginable. Our flash card deck has been carefully designed to make the best of your time, by allowing you to go through dozens of concepts within the matter of minutes. These are a great tool for bus commutes, or short study breaks throughout the day!

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Questions Banks for Apprentice Opticians

    • Anatomy Question Bank

    • Optics Question bank

    • Ophthalmic Products Question bank

    • Ophthalmic Instrumentation Question bank

    • Ophthalmic Dispensing Question bank

  • 3

    Digital Flash Cards for Apprentice Opticians

    • Flash Card Deck

  • 4

    Literature Resources

    • Resources to help your Studies

    • Ocular Anatomy Review

    • Introduction to Ophthalmic Optics

    • ANSI Z80.1 Tolerance Guide

    • Dispensing Checklist

    • Introduction to Lensometry

    • Indispensable-dispensing-guide

    • Progressive-Lenses

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