Eye Care is Changing! We can help you be ready to rise to the top!

Whether you are an apprentice optician looking to challenge National Examinations, or a Veteran Optician wanting to improve their clinical skills, at Modern Optician we know that you need the most current, efficient and comprehensive resources to ensure your success. Our core competencies include:

  • World class Ophthalmic education that teaches core skills, knowledge and competencies

  • Focus on helping students achieve certification and licensing in Eye Care related diciplines

  • Community based approach means you will always feel supported by your peers

  • Material that is not only focused on where Opticianry is and has been, but more importantly on where it is going!

  • Emphasis of Mindset, motivation and Goal setting to ensure student success

Core Features:

  • Keeping it Simple

    We aim to educate and train without the overwhelm. Though we still want to challenge the student, they are never confused about the process!

  • Anytime & Anywhere

    At the office, at home or even on the bus! All products are designed to be mobile and portable.

  • Unlimited Access

    Sometimes you might need to go through a course or product a couple of times to really grasp a concept. Or maybe you just want a refresher every few months.

  • Completion Tracking

    It's super easy to stay on track and plan your future learning with our training dashboard. You can see what you've completed, plan what you want to learn next, and see what new courses are available to consume!

  • Completion Certificates

    Who doesn't like a little reward for their hard work? All courses provide optional (no additional cost) completion certificates to show off your success. Keep a digital copy, or even print them out to celebrate your success!

  • Career Planning

    Working towards a professional certification can be a huge motivator that boosts performance and morale. All courses are designed to prepare the student for national certification in multiple ophthalmic disciplines!

A word from our Founder

shawn lessard

Hi there! My name is Shawn, and I'm the guy behind Modern Optician! I've been a licensed Optician for more than 10 years and have had the pleasure and privilege to work in many different facets of the eye care field along the way. I can tell you first hand that this dynamic and exciting field can have the potential to transform your life and provide all the excitement and fulfillment that we all look for in our careers. Though i'm proud of all my accomplishments and accolades, Modern optician is not about me, and what I can do for you; but rather what you can do for yourself! Modern Optician is about helping amazing eyecare professionals continue their path and progress towards excellence. From finally getting your professional license, to continue to grow your skills and expertise, we aim to help guide you along the way! You are the superstar in this show, and I just want to be here to help support you along the way! when you finally make it, I'll be your biggest fan, admiring your progress! Together, we can achieve the ultimate goal that Modern Optician was built for; to elevate Opticianry to a level it has never been before, and for all Modern Opticians to enjoy the fruits of our labor! I can't wait to celebrate with you! Cheers, Shawn Lessard