Welcome to the Future of Ophthalmic Support-staff Training

(and why investing in your staff will be the best decision you've ever made)

Recent studies have shown that nearly 75% of support staff working in health fields feel as though they lack the access to training resources required to perform their jobs effectively and progress in their career. Chances are that there are members of your team that feel this exact way, and as a result may be considering a change in employment.  

OphthoAcademy was created in order to fill a training void in the eye care field and to provide practice owners the resources necessary to help engage their staff through in-house training and career development.  We focus on both administrative and clinical competencies that all staff members in eyecare practices should develop in order to be an effective and productive member of your team!

Your staff is the #1 asset to your organization, and investing in them not only improves their moral, motivation and quality of life, it ultimately improves workplace efficiency, promotes the patient experience  and increases profitability.

It's time to flip the narrative in your workplace and to reframe your staff's perspective!  You'll be amazed on the results when you transform a "job" into a career! 

Transform your staff into motivated, inspired and passionate advocates for your business and the Eyecare Profession!

Training that transforms a job into a career; dramatically increasing engagement, productivity and moral!

  • Demonstrates to your staff that you value their personal growth and development

  • Providing in-house training demonstrates that your organization is willing to invest in your staff's futures!

  • Better trained employees are more productive, engaged, and more dedicated to the growth of your business

  • Studies have shown that 94% of employees would stay longer with an organization if they invested in their training and development

  • Encourages future development and commitment by encouraging the student to consider career expansion into Opticianry or related fields of study.

Core Features:

  • Keeping it Simple

    We aim to educate and train without the overwhelm. Though we still want to challenge the student, they are never confused about the process!

  • Anytime & Anywhere

    At the office, at home or even on the bus! All products are designed to be mobile and portable.

  • Unlimited Access

    Sometimes you might need to go through a course or product a couple of times to really grasp a concept. Or maybe you just want a refresher every few months.

  • Completion Tracking

    It's super easy to stay on track and plan your future learning with our training dashboard. You can see what you've completed, plan what you want to learn next, and see what new courses are available to consume!

  • Completion Certificates

    Who doesn't like a little reward for their hard work? All courses provide optional (no additional cost) completion certificates to show off your success. Keep a digital copy, or even print them out to celebrate your success!

  • Career Planning

    Working towards a professional certification can be a huge motivator that boosts performance and morale. All courses are designed to prepare the student for national certification in multiple ophthalmic disciplines!

Introduction to Eyecare

It can be intimidating to start a new career when you don't fully understand your surroundings and the dynamics between yourself and your new colleagues! In this module, the student is introduced to the various professionals who work within the field of eyecare, as well as the various landscapes they commonly work in.

Intro to the Patient Experience

The patient experience is one of the most important concepts for all staff members to grasp. In this module, we allow the student to see the importance of delivering patients an exceptional experience and guide them through a number of best practices the can apply to the workplace.

Administrative Effeciency

Being an effective administrator is one of the most critical skills to possess in any health care practice. Students are guided through a number of administrative, organizational and productivity concepts that are at the very center of a properly organized and efficient eyecare practice.

Pre-Testing Techniques

It's amazing how little training the average support staff member receives when it comes to the proper handling and use of in-house diagnostic equipment. This module will cover dozens of the most common diagnostic instruments in terms of what they are used for, how to properly perform tests, and how to properly care for the machine.

Gathering Medical History

Every Ophthalmic staff member should be aware of the importance of a an accurate and efficient gathering of medical and personal history of their patient. This module helps the student understand what type of information is important during the history gathering process while highlighting issues like patient confidentiality and comfort.

Ocular Anatomy and Physiology

It can be quite challenging to understand the intricacies of vision, refractive error and other ophthalmic principles when you don't have background knowledge about the anatomy and physiology of the human eye! In this module, we guide the student through the various structures of the eye and the processes they undergo to provide vision and proper function.

Vision and Refractive Error

An effective team member should understand the nuances of vision and refractive error and how they apply to the patients who are being treated in your practice. In this module the student will learn about myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia, as well as various pathologies which will impact vision and acuity.

Understanding the Ophthalmic Prescription

From advising patients on proper correction options, to understanding what visual impairments they are experiencing, it is important for all staff members to have the ability to navigate the ophthalmic prescription. This module covers the general layout, common terminology as well as how to decipher the values represented in the ophthalmic prescription.

Intro to Ophthalmic Lenses

It can be difficult for new staff members to understand all the lens options available to your patients without the proper background knowledge. This module will prepare the student for advising patients on proper lens products by investigating the differences between single vision and multifocal lens designs, as well as base curve options and lens coatings and treatments.

Eyeglass Fitting Techniques

Assisting patients in the selection of eyewear is a great task for support staff members. However, if the fitter does not have the proper skills and knowledge to make proper recommendations, the results can be unfavorable. This module will teach the student to make proper eyeglass frame selections by taking anatomical features, ophthalmic prescription and lens design into consideration.

Intro to Contact Lenses

Simple contact lens fittings can sometimes monopolize the time of your professional staff, keeping them from the more specialized tasks they should be performing. This module provides the student the skills and knowledge required to effectively teach patients simple but important concepts such as proper lens care, handling and insertion and removal techniques.

Course Curriculum

A more detailed view of topics covered!

  • 3

    The Patient Experience

    • The importance of the Patient Experience

    • Keeping your Patients Happy

    • Answering the Phone

    • Waiting Room Best Practices

    • Welcoming patients to the practice

    • Personal Hygiene

    • Patient Experience Video

    • Time to Test your Knowledge!

    • Comprehension Quiz

  • 4

    Administrative Efficiency

    • Introduction

    • First Impressions

    • Scheduling Appointments

    • Checking Patients In

    • Dealing with Late Patients

    • Coding and Billings

    • Patient Recalls

    • Filing Best Practices

    • Time to Test your Knowledge!

    • Administrative Efficiency Quiz

  • 5

    Introduction to Ocular Anatomy and Physiology

    • Introduction

    • The Ocular Adnexa

    • The Sclera

    • The Conjunctiva

    • The Cornea

    • The Anterior Chamber

    • The Iris and Pupil

    • The Crystalline Lens

    • The Vitreous

    • The Retina

    • The Optic Nerve

    • The Visual Pathway

    • Recap of how the eye work!

    • Time to Test your Knowledge!

    • Ocular Anatomy Quiz

  • 6

    Understanding Vision and Refractive Error

    • Introduction

    • Normal Vision

    • Myopia (Nearsightedness)

    • Hyperopia (Farsightedness)

    • Astigmatism

    • Presbyopia

    • Strabismus

    • Amblyopia

    • Cataracts

    • Glaucoma

    • Retinal Pathologies

    • Corneal Pathologies

    • Time to Test your Knowledge!

    • Comprehension Quiz

  • 7

    Gathering Medical History

    • Introduction

    • Self Directed vs. Guided Approach

    • Electronic vs. Paper

    • Objective Questioning

    • Maintaining Privacy

    • Organizing the Medical History

    • General Information

    • Chief Complaint (CC)

    • History of Present Illness

    • Past Ophthalmic History

    • Past and Current Medical History

    • Medications

    • Family History

    • Allergies

    • Social History

    • Recap Video

    • Time to Test your Knowledge!

    • Medical History Quiz

  • 8

    The Eye Examination and Pre-Testing

    • Introduction

    • The Routine Eye Exam

    • Common steps of the Eye Exam

    • Pre-Exam Testing and Admin

    • Ophthalmic Equipment Best Practices

    • Equipment Maintenance and Calibration

    • Aseptic Technique

    • Lensometry

    • The Auto-Refractor

    • Keratometry & Pachymetry

    • Non-Contact Tonometry

    • Automated Perimetry (Visual Field Testing)

    • Direct Retinal Imaging (DRI)/Fundus Photography

    • Optomapping

    • Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

    • Recap video

    • Time to Test your Knowledge!

    • Comprehension quiz

  • 9

    Interpreting the Vision Prescription

    • Introduction

    • What is the Ophthalmic Prescription?

    • A word about Power Notation

    • Prescription Layout

    • Sphere Power

    • Cylinder Power and Axis

    • Addition Power

    • Prism Correction

    • Doctor Recommendations

    • Types of Visual Acuity

    • Low vs. Moderate vs. High RX

    • Calculating Near Rx

    • Transposition

    • Time to Test your Knowledge!

    • Vision Prescription Quiz

  • 10

    Introduction to Ophthalmic Lenses

    • Introduction

    • Lens Power Properties

    • Minus Powered Lenses

    • Plus Powered Lenses

    • Toric Lenses

    • Base Curves

    • Lens Materials

    • Focal Design

    • Common Types of Multifocals

    • Types of Progressive Lenses

    • Lens Coatings

    • Sun Protection

    • Time to Test your Knowledge!

    • Comprehension Quiz

  • 11

    Introduction to Eyeglass Fitting

    • Introduction

    • The Eyeglass Frame

    • Frame Materials

    • Frame Types

    • Frame Measurements

    • Fitting the Eyeglass Frame

    • Facial Anatomy Considerations

    • M.E.D Fitting

    • 3-point touch

    • Other Considerations

    • Required Fitting Measurements

    • Time to Test your Knowledge!

    • Comprehension Quiz

  • 12

    Introduction to Contact Lenses

    • Introduction

    • Common types of Contact lenses

    • Patient Candidacy

    • Understanding the Contact Lens Prescription

    • Teaching Insertion and Removal

    • Teaching proper Care and Handling

    • Ordering and Dispensing Best Practices

    • Time to Test your Knowledge!

    • Comprehension Quiz

  • 13

    Final Examination

    • Time for the Final Exam

    • Final Examination

  • 14


    • You've Done It!

    • The Next Steps

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